Engineering Consultancy & Technology Transfer:

PRODUCT DETAILS: Colloidal Sodium Silicates can have any ratio of Sio2/Na2O between 1.6 and 3.85. The usual ratios of 3.00 by mass are known as “NEUTRAL SILICATE” & 2.20 by mass are known as “ALKALINE SILICATE”.

Normally Sodium Silicate or Water Glass is produced by Fusion Process with sand and soda ash at 1000°C. The UGT Process is an innovative energy efficient process for manufacture of Sodium Silicate without fusion.

The process of manufacture involves Mixing of constituent Chemicals in a Reaction vessel, Preheating, Digestion, and Neutralization with Special catalyst. After ageing, it is filtered and sent for storage. The UG Group can offer their exclusive process and transfer the technology and execute project on turnkey basis to the required specifications as per customer needs.