Hospital Laundry Bags



Hospital Laundry Bags (Water Soluble): The Hospital opting for international JCI approval started using Hospital Laundry bags (water soluble).

Water soluble Hospital Laundry bags are use to transfer infected patients’ Clothes from Ward to Washing Machine there by safe guarding the handling personnel / labours from infectious diseases.

Seeder Tape Range



Our organization is one of the reputed organizations engaged in offering a quality range of Seeder Tape Range all around the countries.
Seeder Tape
1. Healthy seedlings become reinvigorated faster and absorb fertilizer
without waste with strong growth after planting.
2. Healthy seedling will have strong growth from the start promising high grade and high quantity harvest in fall for high profit.

The Fundamental of growing healthy seedling is not to waste seeds but for cabbage, one litre of seeds consist of about 170,000 pieces of small grains and sowing of these grains evenly is almost impossible. But with the use of SEEDER TAPE, this can be easily be done.
• Sowing can be done by anyone without failure. Straight sowing without trouble.
• Sowing of the seed bed uniformly from end to end is possible with uniform sprout growth throughout.
• Sowing is very simple with results of the highest grade.

Material PVA Cellulose(cotton)100%
Dissolving or Decomposing 30 seconds in water at 20  ̊C In ordinary field, biodegrades in 1-2 weeks
Tensile Strength approx.2.0kg(using standard thread) approx.2.0kg(using standard thread)
Standard Length/Reel 600-2500m(varies according to type& number of seeds/reel) 400-1,000m(varies according to type & number of seeds/reel)
Usage Caution Points Might fail to dissolve in highly alkaline or acidic soil not suited for use in dry soil or rugged field                  not suited for seeds with low germination or requiring shallow blowing avoid using in fog or rain. decomposition might take longer in field containing little organic matter follow standard procedure for sterilizing seeds when germinating, note weather on planting day(planting in rain is possible)
Preservation Seal tape in vinyl or polyethylene bag and keep in dark, cool and dry place. Preservation period varies greatly depending on seed, but in general seeds should be planted during season.